The Joy of Color

Brightness, Light, and Imagination

The name I use for this website, Stained Glass Butterfly, brings together the kind of light and color I like to put in my art. I’m drawn to whimsical, fantastical images, compositions where I can let my imagination loose and test the limits of what’s possible and what I’d love to see.

I’ve been doing art for my enjoyment for as long as I can remember, but I started to take steps to become a professional artist around 2000. My first efforts involved joining art shows at fantasy and game conventions, and from there I connected to illustration opportunities from a variety of sources, including book covers and interior illustrations. 

Along with doing art, I’m passionate about helping people connect to art. I’ve taught art to elementary school-age children, and since 2017, I’ve run the collective art project at Gen Con, the largest tabletop gaming convention in the United States. For that project, I design a large mural and then work with whoever wants to join in to fill out the details, providing a creative outlet and a sense of community for all who want to participate.

I hope while you’re here you’ll watch the video tour of my work and look at some of the images. You can also reach out to me by email!